Brad Stutts and Grant Sawyer, not only work behind the scenes in the world of independent wrestling, but are also lifelong friends and wrestling superfans, and now host this weekly chat discussing the subject they love the most: Professional Wrestling.
#35: Tales from Bourbon St.
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Stuttsy and Graham recap all the events from a wild WrestleMania weekend; from the Mid-South legends convention to WrestleCon to the Jim Ross’ Q&A to Raw and of course…Bourbon Street itself!

#34: WrestleMania recap – from New Orleans with special guest Steve Corino!
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Stuttsy, Grant, & Graham ALL discuss the events of WrestleMania weekend, straight from New Orleans! We kick things off with a brief recap of the weekend’s events as we wait on the Superdome doors open with the electric atmosphere of NOLA in the background. Then we return after the show with special guest Steve Corino joining us to share his thoughts on the big show as well as cameos from Kevin Steen, Colby Corino, and “The Lost Cause” Nick Richards! (Our apologies for the less-than-normal audio quality of this episode as it was taped on location).

#33: Our WrestleMania XXX Preview & Predictions
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The cars are in the process of being packed but we had to squeeze in one last podcast before we officially hit the road for New Orleans and WrestleMania XXX! Stuttsy & Statmark discuss all their thoughts headed into WrestleMania week; including the Mid-South Legends convention, the announcement of’s latest book, WrestleCon, the Hall of Fame, how Sid better not drop the ball at his gimmick table, who will die before the weekend is over, and of course; our thoughts on the big show itself, including our predictions, the lineup, and segment times.

#32: Interview with Mike Quackenbush
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Stuttsy sits down with Chikara Pro’s Mike Quackenbush to discuss the earliest inspirations for the Chikara style, what to expect from their upcoming 14th season, the challenges and undertakings of running an independent promotion, reflections on some of the biggest moments in Chikara history . . . and of course Kamala.

#31: The greatest production packages & music use in wrestling history
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Brad & Grant are joined by himself, Graham Cawthon, as they touch upon a few more lost WrestleMania matches before going in-depth into the greatest use of music and produced packages in wrestling history, from “The Final Countdown” to “Running Up That Hill” and everything in-between. Plus, that damn horse from WrestleMania 27.

#30 – What makes WrestleMania special
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Brad & Grant are joined by himself, Graham Cawthon, as they discuss what truly makes WrestleMania such a special event.

#29 – WrestleManias That Could’ve Been
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WrestleMania season is in full effect as Brad, Grant and Graham Cawthon from touch on WrestleMania scenarios that could’ve been. What if Hulk Hogan had faced a red hot Randy Savage at WrestleMania II? What if Hogan had faced Ric Flair at WrestleMania VIII? What if WWE had signed Sting before WrestleMania X8? What should Paul Orndorff have done at WrestleMania III? If there was no Gulf War who would’ve headlined WrestleMania VII? Should they have gone with Punk instead of Miz against Cena at WrestleMania 27? We touch on all that plus more in this week’s show!

#28 – Are Wrestling Fans Spoiled? Plus, NPWD 2014, Chikara, & AHS
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With the outcry for Daniel Bryan to get the main spotlight, the outcry for CM Punk to come back, reaction to National Pro Wrestling Day and crazy speculation on what the top matches for WrestleMania XXX will be, Brad and Grant analyze the modern fan and their wants. Brad raises the question are wrestling fans in the modern era too spoiled? Have we become a fan base that doesn’t just want a good show but wants a good show booked exactly the way they think it should be booked? Why has it happened and what brought us to that point? We also touch on the Chikara relaunch, reactions to National Pro Wrestling Day, which returning legends we’d like to see pop up for a future Royal Rumble cameo and how amazing it would be if El Torito gored Alicia Fox to death like the minotaur from American Horror Story: Coven.

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Brad & Grant analyze the 2014 Royal Rumble, breaking down who shined and who was wasted. They also look ahead to what’s on tap for Elimination Chamber, how crazy the Raw will be on the night of WWE Network’s launch, ideas for Daniel Bryan and Stuttsy rants about the public outcry when Kamala didn’t headline WrestleMania III.

THE match talked about on this week’s show
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FIRST listen to episode # 26, conveniently linked in the post directly below this one.

THEN watch these two amazing combinations square off in a match from an 80′s WWF European tour.